Chinchilla Breeders – Tips and Facts About Chinchilla Breeders

chinchilla breedersInformation about Chinchilla breeders are all over the world wide web, aka ‘internet’ but not all of the information on the web can be trusted. Some Chinchilla breeders might claim to be legitimate or claim to have only the highest standards but how can you be sure which are facts and which are the works of some very active imagination? Read on and know how to distinguish facts from fiction, and more importantly, what makes a good or a legit breeder.

Chinchilla Breeders – Tips on Choosing the Right Breeder

Given the fact that almost anyone with resources can make a website for themselves and claim to be authentic these days, it is very important to know how to determine which breeders are legit and which are not to be trusted. The following are the points to consider to know which breeders are trustworthy:


5 Signs that the breeder should NOT be trusted



5 Signs that the breeder can be trusted


  • Any breeder who claims to be the best or have the best animals but does not show proof or certification of the claim.
  • Any breeder which are not listed on main Chinchilla websites and organizations.
  • Any breeder who does not allow viewing of their Chinchilla place or the viewing of the parents of the Kit you are wanting to buy.
  • Any breeder with numerous but non-verifiable feedbacks.
  • Any breeder that you cannot find any person who would vouch for them.



  • Those breeders which are linked to other breeders.
  • Those breeders which are listed on numerous Chinchilla websites and organizations.
  • Those breeders which allows a prospective buyer or new Chinchilla owner to visit their place and see their breeding pair.
  • Those with numerous verifiable feedbacks.
  • Those recommended by people you know who also has Chinchillas.

Chinchilla Breeders – Facts About Chinchilla Breeders

There are 3 distinct breeds of Chinchillas but it is the Lanigera Chinchilla which is usually found in the pet industry. Most breeders should know this, and if they do not, they might not be a legitimate breeder and might be selling an animal caught from the wild illegally. Also, legitimate breeders are often a member of one or more Chinchilla breeders organization. Being a member of an organization helps them keep abreast of the latest news in terms of breeding and caring for Chinchillas. This also means that they have been in the business of breeding for quite some time and adheres to certain rules and regulations. Breeders have strict protocols that they need to follow, and these protocols are what ensures that you are getting a healthy Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Breeders – Resources and Summary

If you want to be a breeder of Chinchillas, these are great information to know to prepare yourself for the responsibility and reality of being a Chinchilla breeder. For those who are simply looking up information about breeders for them to buy a pet Chinchilla from, this information would help to ensure that you are getting a pet legally from legitimate Chinchilla breeders.