Chinchilla Coat – The Perfect Winter Garment

chinchilla coatChinchilla coat is made from a one of a kind fur which is considered to be the softest fur in the world. It is so soft that it is actually thirty times (30X) softer than human hair. A typical Chinchilla have 50 to 80 (or 60 to 80 depending on the reference) hairs growing from a single follicle compared to a human which only has 2 to 3.

Chinchilla Fur To Chinchilla Coat

Chinchillas have the highest density of fur or hair compared to any other land mammal. They have over twenty thousand (20,000) hairs per square centimeter. The density of their fur makes it impossible for any parasite to live on it. Fleas and other skin parasites cannot live on chinchilla fur at all. It is also hypoallergenic which makes it special and the best for people with allergies to fur but enjoys garments made from animal fur.

Because of these qualities, a Chinchilla coat is very warm and is perfect for making winter garments. The softness of Chinchilla coat makes it also an ideal type of animal fur for babies, not discounting the fact that it is great for those with sensitive skin because it is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Chinchilla Coat: How Is It Made?

A Chinchilla coat is made from at least 100 animals because Chinchillas are small animals. It can even be made from up to 200 animal pelts if the coat is long and large. It is for this reason that it costs more than other fur coats made from other animals plus the fact that Chinchillas are not so common in the first place.

Chinchillas only produce 1 to 3 babies per birth and can only give birth twice a year, so just imagine how long it would take to have enough Chinchillas (100 to 200!) to produce a fur coat made by a master fur coat maker.

Chinchilla Coat: Is It worth It?

A Chinchilla coat typically costs around a thousand to five thousand dollars ($1,000 to $5,000) on average. The reasons for this are stated above but just to enumerate:

  1. 100 or more Chinchillas are needed to make a Chinchilla coat, therefore, they are very special and not found in typical stores. Only master craftsmen and women can make it, making it a luxury item too.
  2. A Chinchilla coat is hypoallergenic making it great for those who have a lot of allergies, those who have sensitive skin, and babies.
  3. A Chinchilla coat is made from very dense fur (20,000 hairs per square centimeter).
  4. A Chinchilla coat is very soft making it great for babies, and those who have easily irritated skin.
  5. A Chinchilla coat does not shed or lose the hair as long as it is given proper care.
  6. A Chinchilla coat is very warm, making it perfect for winter garments. It is very warm and effective for fending off the cold because of its high hair density.

Chinchilla Coat on Amazon       Chinchilla Coat on eBay

Chinchilla Coat Patterns And Designs

A coat made from Chinchilla fur usually is in the color family of greys, whites, and blacks. Some do come with a brownish hue making their design and color truly classics which can be paired with your other clothes. It is truly an investment you can add to any wardrobe to make it classier and timeless. Even celebrities like Tyson Fury, Snoop Dog, Floyd Mayweather, Kendal Holt, Tommy Ford, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Tyrese Conjac, DJ Envy, and Foxy Brown wears them. Hence, a coat from Chinchilla fur is not only for women or those going for the classic look but are also for men and those into more modern hip-hop and street-wear fashion.

Chinchilla Coat: The Perfect Holiday Gift

A coat from Chinchilla fur is one of the most perfect and sweetest gift for your husband or wife, children, boyfriend, or girlfriend, parents, or any special person in your life. The warmth and softness they will feel wearing the coat will remind them of the warmth of your love and the softness of your touch. It is also why a Chinchilla coat is considered to be very sexy and sensual, a perfect gift even for yourself!

Where To Buy Chinchilla Coat?

Because it is a very special type of fur and garment, you cannot find coats made from Chinchillas on typical stores. More so, buying from unrecognized sources might mean the fur is fake, or worse, made from illegally hunted Chinchillas.

Amazon and eBay have coats made from Chinchillas who are captive-bred and were well cared for. They were put to sleep in a humane way before their fur is used to make coats and other garments. To ensure you only get to have the highest quality product, only buy your fur from established stores because they are humane sources and offers only the best quality and most luxurious Chinchilla coat.

Chinchilla Coat on Amazon       Chinchilla Coat on eBay

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