Chinchilla Dust Bath – 4 Tips to Make Your Chinchilla Clean and Happy

chinchilla dust bathChinchilla dust bath is needed to help your Chinchilla stay clean. It is one of the most important things a new (or even old) Chinchilla owner must know. If you are reading this article then it means you have a Chinchilla and you want to help your Chinchilla stay clean.

Chinchillas are very clean creatures in the first place, they also have very dense fur with no parasites. In the wild, Chinchillas clean themselves by using volcanic ash or clay that they can find around their original home in The Andes Mountains. However, there are no volcanic ash or Andean clay lying around in your home of course, and this might become a problem because your Chinchilla needs help to stay clean. So how do you help your Chinchilla stay clean? By giving it Chinchilla dust bath of course!

What is Chinchilla Dust Bath?

A Chinchilla cleans itself by having a vigorous dust bath, which is one of their natural behaviors. It is thought that Chinchillas do not only do it to help themselves keep clean but also as a fun activity which may help relax them. They really enjoy the activity and can be so vigorous in having their dust bath just like a dog who enjoys frolicking in the mud or grass.

Access to dust bath will help your Chinchilla stay clean and allow its fur to be soft, lush, and shiny. It is an absolute need for your Chinchilla’s well-being.

How to Help your Chinchilla Stay Clean

Chinchilla dust bath kits are now available at Amazon and eBay. You must never, under any circumstance wet your Chinchilla or wet it with water. Their coat or fur is very dense and will have a lot of problem drying. If the Chinchilla got wet and is not dried, fungus can grow on its fur and skin which will give your pet health and skin problems.

How Does Chinchilla Dust Bath Work?

Chinchilla dust bath works by helping eliminated accumulated oil and dirt from your Chinchilla’s fur. The Chinchilla will frolic a bit on the Chinchilla dust bath and will shake off the excess. You can safely give your pet Chinchilla dust bath every day or every other day.

For the dust bath to work properly, it is important to use the proper type of dust especially made for Chinchillas and don’t use just any dirt or powder you can get elsewhere.

Chinchilla Dust Bath – 4 Tips to Ensure Your Chinchilla Is Clean and Happy

Chinchillas really get into their dust bath. It is why there are important considerations for giving one to your pet like the following:

Get the Right Chinchilla Dust Bath

Not all dust are made the same, and it is important to buy only dust which is specifically labelled for Chinchillas. Do not use similar looking dust you can find elsewhere because even if they look the same or feel the same to you, they do not work the same way for your pet. It has to be a special powder which you can get from reputable sources at eBay and Amazon.

Choose the Right Container

Since Chinchillas really roll in the dust, the particles can get airborne and would be very difficult to clean. Choosing the right container for your dust bath will help your Chinchilla stay clean and your cage clean as well. The right container is a bit heavy so the Chinchilla cannot tip it over. It should also be able to contain the dust. It is for this reason that fish bowls are a good choice as well as house-type boxes made of plastic which you can buy from those who sell Chinchilla supplies at stores and online at Amazon and eBay.

Use Only the Right Amount Of Dust

Put about a layer of dust on your dust bath container and nothing more. It is okay to re-use the dust as long as you scoop out any dirt that has gotten into it or left by your pet on it.

Give the Chinchilla Dust Bath Only As Needed

Typically, twice a week or every other day is sufficient unless you or your Chinchilla wants it every day. If it is humid, bathing your Chinchilla every day would be advisable but if you live in a dry area, then every other day is enough. The right timing would be in the evening around the time when your pet is most active and social. Do not leave the dust bath in the cage. It is best to only leave it for 10 to 20 minutes each time you offer it to your pet. If left on the cage, your pet will cause the dust to go all-over which will just result to mess. Also, they might soil the dust if left on their cage unattended by you.

Where to buy Chinchilla Dust Bath?

You may get supplies for your Chinchilla dust bath on pet shops but it is safer and better to order them online either through eBay or Amazon which has a lot of sellers and suppliers who can be trusted. You can also read other customer reviews in Amazon about the product itself while eBay offers you feedback per seller. You may choose which one to shop in so you can be sure you are only getting the very best for your pet and really help your Chinchilla stay clean.

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