Chinchilla for Sale

chinchilla for saleChinchilla for sale is all in the hype lately because of the new popularity of having them as pets. Chinchillas are very cute rodents which lives up to 20 years and are very low maintenance. It is not a surprise then that a lot of people wants to have a chinchilla as a pet. But even if you can find a Chinchilla for sale, there are things to know before getting one as a pet.

Chinchilla As A Pet

The following table shows a comparison of having a Chinchilla as a pet versus other common pets:

Hamster or guinea pig
CostCheap to moderate
• Chinchilla for sale are usually in the price range of adopting a dog or a cat from a shelter
Cheap to expensive depending on breedCheap to expensive depending on breedCheap
• Chinchillas are very easy to care for as long as you find the right cage, they practically take care of themselves
Easy to difficult
• Some dogs require special care and grooming
• Has to be walked out for potty use
• Has to be updated with shots
Easy to difficult
• Some cats require special care and grooming
• Has to have a litter box which requires training for use.
• Easy to moderate
Hamsters and guinea pigs are relatively easy to care for but their bedding needs frequent replacement.
FoodCheap to moderate
• Chinchillas eat a variety of grass and hay
• Does not need supplementation
Cheap to expensive
• Bigger dogs can be very expensive to feed
Cheap to expensive
• Some cats require a special diet of raw meat
Cheap to expensive
• Guinea pigs ay require supplementation with fresh veggies along with hay
GroomingDust bath
Usually also available where you can find Chinchilla for sale
• Bathing, drying, and combing
• Might need to take to a groomer for long haired dogs
• Might need to take to the groomer for long haired cats• Special bedding which needs to be changed frequently
• Guinea pigs sometimes needs to be bathed
Recommended forAlmost ALL agesNot suitable for all ages and individuals
• Depending on the breed of the dog, they might be a lot of responsibility for someone below 7 and above 70
Not suitable for all ages and individuals
• Some cats like the exotic breeds can even be dangerous to young children
Not suitable for all ages and individuals
Negatives/ConsNone to very minimalPlenty of special considerations:
• Dogs require a lot of space
• Some breeds needs a lot of exercise
• May bite so not suitable for very young children unless with supervision
Plenty of special considerations:
• Allergies to cat fur
• Not too social with pet owner
Some considerations:
• While hamsters generally do not require a large area, guinea pigs need an area where they can roam and exercise
• May bite so not suitable for young children
Pros/What makes it special• Hypoallergenic
• Easy to care for
• Does not require vaccinations
• Does not need too much time or supervision
• Suitable for all lifestyles
• Does not require a large area, just an appropriate cage.
• Is very social
• Can make you more sociable
• Very loyal
• Walking a dog is an exercise opportunity
• Best for people with busy lifestyle.• Does not require a large area, just an appropriate cage

Now that you know the pros and cons of having a Chinchilla as a pet, you would probably want to know what places have a Chinchilla for sale.

Where To Buy Chinchillas?

Though it is recommended to buy a Chinchilla for sale from a reputable breeder, you can also buy a Chinchilla for sale from well-known and trusted stores like Petco and Petsmart who have beautiful and tame chinchillas which are bred in captivity. Chinchillas from Petsmart and Petco are not taken from the wild and are not victims of wild animal trade so you can be sure that the Chinchilla for sale from them are safe to handle and would make great pets.

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