As responsible pet owners, we only want the best for our chinchillas. What better way to ensure their happiness than with toys to keep them entertained and active?

With all the toys available on the market, you may wonder which are right for chins. What should you look for in chinchilla toys, and are there dangerous models to avoid? Here we break down all you need to know, so you can invest in the best chinchilla toys for you and your pet.

Types of Toys

When shopping around, you may come across a variety of toys with their own functions. For a happy chinchilla, it’s best to have at least one of each in their habitat.

Chew Toys

This is the most common type of toy for chinchillas. Because they directly impact the health of your chinchilla’s teeth, they’re perhaps the most crucial type to buy, even if you hold off on other models.

Chinchilla’s teeth are open-rooted, which means they’ll grow continuously throughout their lives. They need to constantly keep chewing to keep their teeth worn down. Otherwise, their teeth will lead to illness, and even death. For this reason, it is vital that your chinchilla has items to chew on, including toys.

Chew toys come in different forms. Commonly, you’ll find wooden toy types and made from a variety of woods. Be sure to check that the wood isn’t toxic for your pet. Chewing toys can also be made out of pumice or lava bites, cardboard, and palm leaves.

Climbing Toys

Chinchillas are naturally energetic creatures, and they love to bounce, hop, and run. Climbing toys provide them with enough exercise so that they can keep themselves active and healthy. Climbing toys may come in the form of sitting platforms, ladders, blocks of wood, ledges, and hammocks. These toys are often fitted to attach to the bars of a cage. When you buy climbing toys, make sure to check for their durability.

Tossing Toys

Other than running around their cage, chinchillas also love to explore new things and objects. This is where tossing toys come in. Tossing toys are designed to be moved around freely. Sometimes, tossing toys are also meant to be chewed on. These toys come in different shapes, but the most common are balls and dumbells. Tossing toys are generally made of the same material as chew toys, so as to ensure they aren’t toxic to your pet chin.

When it comes to tossing toys, it never hurts to have a lot. It’s a good idea to rotate a few toys every week or so to keep chinchillas interested and engaged.

Hide Houses

Sometimes, hiding holes are necessary for chinchillas, especially those who have just been bought or adopted. Hidey holes provide a dark, quiet space for chinchillas to run to when they are spooked or overstimulated. On the other hand, chinchillas also find hide houses to be a lot of fun. Chinchillas will often use these spaces when playing with other chinchillas. Chins also are naturally inclined to explore, and hide houses can be the perfect exploration spot.

The Best Chinchilla Toys

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best chinchilla toys on the market.

Sharllen Apple Sticks

Made from organic apple wood branches, this can quickly become your pet’s favorite chew toy. The Sharllen is made of organic apple wood, so you can be sure that you’re only giving your chin the healthiest of treats. Carefully handmade, each pack is sure to last a long time!

The Sharllen is a great way to keep your chin’s teeth worn. With a slightly sweet taste, this chew toy isn’t just fun—it’s tasty, too.

Choose this one if: You want a chew toy that is healthy and made with care.

Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball

The Ware line of toys is known for its high-quality design, and their Willow Branch Ball is no exception. Because it is made of natural willow, this chew toy is both fun and healthy for your pet chin. This branch ball comes in a versatile, round shape, making it ideal for playtime. Your pet chin will get the exercise it needs, all while promoting healthy chewing habits.

The Ware Manufacturing line of products also provides chew toys in different shapes, for those who want more chew toys for their pet chins.

Choose this one if: You want a high-quality chew toy from a tried and trusted brand.

Alfie Pet Percy Wood Platform

The Alfie Pet Platform functions both as a ledge and a chew toy. While it can look small, the Alfie Pet Platform is spacious enough for your pet chin to eat, sleep, and play. The Alfie Pet Platform measures 6 x 11.75 inches, with a height of six inches, making it an excellent spot for your pet chin.

The Alfie Pet Platform also has two vertical columns with a string of chew toys. Sure enough, this platform can entertain your pet chin for hours on end.

This platform is made of natural, pet-safe wood, ensuring it is ideal for chinchillas. With its light colored wood and multicolored chew toys, the Alfie Pet Platform can give a natural look to your cage, all while adding a splash of color.

Choose this one if: You want a healthy, safe, versatile platform for your chin to play on.

Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone

Chinchillas are prone to overheating, and you will need to ensure that temperature is just right for your pet chin. The Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone can help you with that! This stone provides a cool surface, so that your chinchilla can cool off on hot days.

For those who live in warm and hot climates, the chiller stone can be an essential mainstay in your chinchilla’s cage. Even if the temperature in your chin’s room is still good and healthy, the change in temperature can also stimulate your pet chin!

The Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone is small and compact, so that you could easily put it anywhere in your chin’s cage. It is also easy to clean and fully washable. It is recommended to pop one in a fridge or freezer, so they stay cooler for more extended periods.

Choose this one if: You want a ledge that can also keep your chin cool and comfortable.

Pevor Pack of Five Hamster Chew Toys

Who says you can have enough chew toys? With the Pevor Pack, you can get five different chew toys at a great price. The Pevor is made of natural wood pine, so you can be sure that your pet stays happy and healthy. Each pack comes with a ball, two bell rollers of different sizes, a dumbbell, and a unicycle. With this large variety, your chin is bound to stay entertained and engaged.

Choose this one if: You want a large variety of chew toys at a great price.

Emours Small Animal Comfy House Cage

For those who want to give their pet chin a soft and comfortable hiding spot, the Emours Comfy House is the toy for you. Made of high-quality flannelette, the Emours is guaranteed to be soft enough for your chinchilla’s delicate feet. It even comes with a removable mat. The Emours is also fully washable, so you can be sure that your chinchilla’s hiding spot is kept clean and safe.

The Emours can be hung from the top of your cage, making it a great hiding spot for your pet chin. Also, the Emours Comfy House can fit up to two young chinchillas, making it an excellent deal for your money.

Choose this one if: You want the best deal for your chinchilla’s hiding spot.

Now you’re ready to pick the best toys for your pet!