Chinchillas are active animals that love to run around and play. Exercise is vital for their health and well-being, which means they should always be given space to properly explore. However, they can’t always be set loose to sprint on the ground.

If your chinchilla is stuck inside their cage, how do you make sure that they get enough exercise?

Chinchilla Wheels

A chinchilla wheel is the perfect tool to ensure that chinchillas get the physical activity they need to stay healthy. Other than providing the necessary space for exercises, chinchilla wheels can function as a toy, so that your chinchilla doesn’t get bored while they’re stuck in their cage.

How to Choose a Chinchilla Wheel

With all the chinchilla wheels on the market, it may be hard to determine which is right for you. To help you decide, here is a list of do’s and dont’s when buying a wheel for your chinchilla.

Avoid Plastic

Your chinchillas will chew through anything they can, and this will include their chinchilla wheel. If your chin gnaws on plastic, they can get sick from the toxic material. Plus, your chinchilla wheel may be destroyed by all the chewing, making it unsafe for use.

To avoid a trip to the vet, make sure that your chinchilla wheel is 100% free of plastic – no matter how nice it looks.

Avoid Wires and Coated Materials

Chinchillas have delicate feet, so it’s best to purchase a wheel that has a solid running area. This is especially true for young and elderly chinchillas, whose feet are more delicate than adult chinchillas.

Go for Safe and Sturdy

When in the market for a chinchilla wheel, opt for one that is made with either wood or metal. When choosing wood, be sure it isn’t composed of a wood that’s toxic to chinchillas, like cedar. When choosing metal, make sure it’s rust-free and rust-resistant, to ensure that your chinchillas stay safe. No matter the material, the surface shouldn’t have any holes, spaces, or grating where a chinchilla can fall through and get injured.

Look for Durability

Some wheels are simply more durable than others. When buying chinchilla wheels, always check to see if there is any damage to the structure of the wheel, no matter how small. If it has metal parts, be sure it’s free of rust or dents. Screws should be tight and secure, and all pieces must fit snugly.

You may also opt for products that offer a warranty for damaged items, to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Brands that sell replacement parts are also a good deal, so you won’t be stuck with a chinchilla wheel that you cannot use any longer.

Best Chinchilla Wheels

All that considered, what are good chinchilla wheels? Here is a list of options on the market, so you can find the best chinchilla wheels for you and your pet.

15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

With an interesting, creative design, the Chin Spin by Quality Cage Crafters brings innovation to the table. Despite its price, the Chin Spin has quickly become a fan favorite by many pet owners everywhere. The design of the Chin Spin allows your chinchilla to run at a more natural angle, so they can exercise in a more comfortable position. Its design also allows for chinchillas to stretch out more fully compared to other models.

The Chin Spin is extra sturdy, too. It uses dual ball bearings to make the wheel durable and sturdy. Ball bearings make the wheel slightly heavier, but add to the safety of the wheel as a whole. Replacement bearings are even available for purchase, so you know that Quality Crafters is serious about their design’s durability. They even have a one-year replacement warranty for all genuine Chin Spin chinchilla wheels, making this a great deal.

The Chin Spin is also completely free of harmful materials, made entirely from metal and wood. There’s absolutely no plastic. The Chin Spin also makes virtually no sound, save for a heavy chinchilla running vigorously on the wheel.

Choose this one if: You want to give your pet a large, dependable chinchilla wheel.

Exotic Nutrition 15” Chin-Sprint Chinchilla Wheel

The Exotic Nutrition is a slightly upscale version of the 15” Chin Spin by Quality Cage Crafters. The best thing about this wheel is the wide track, with a surface that measures six inches across. The wide fifteen-inch diameter of the Exotic Nutrition allows your chinchilla to stretch out, avoiding spinal and back injuries fully.

This model also keeps chinchilla safety at the forefront. Because it is made of 100% metal, Exotic Nutrition cannot be chewed on by chinchillas, making it safe and durable. All edges of the wheel have been smoothened, with a bonus coating of powder to ensure that all edges are completely flush. No risk of your chin getting caught here!

Its frame also has a few benefits over other chinchilla wheels made of wood. Unlike wood, metal can be easily cleaned and dried. Metal doesn’t absorb odors, either, and definitely cannot be chewed on. This makes the Exotic Nutrition perfect for animals who love to gnaw as much as chinchillas.

For those who are concerned about the noise levels that a completely metal wheel the size of this one makes, you’d be happy to note that the Exotic Nutrition is almost completely silent. With dual ball bearings within the wheel, Exotic Nutrition promises a super smooth and completely quiet spin. Plus, the Exotic Nutrition can be easily attached to the side of the cage without any fuss.

Choose this one if: You want a completely quiet metal wheel, and price isn’t a problem.

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

Exotic Nutrition once again makes our list with a great chinchilla wheel design. What makes this model different from most other wheels on the market is its tracks; the Exotic Nutrition running ensures a non-slip run, to prevent accidents. Tracks can even be further customized, such as the sandy track and the AutoClean track, which are sold separately.

The Exotic Nutrition is also a silent and smooth exercise wheel, with a ball-bearing design that lets it spin without noise. A purchase of the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner even comes with a cage attachment, so you can easily hook it to your chinchilla cage.

Choose this one if: You want a chinchilla wheel that will provide the best workout for your chinchilla.

Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

The Kaytee Silent Spiner is perfect for chinchilla owners on a budget. This 12-inch, 2.7 pound spinner wheel is light enough to fit nearly any cage. The Kaytee can also be detached from the cage and used freestanding. The ability to move the Silent Spinner to a different location is a great way to bring variety to your chinchilla’s routine. This added bit of versatility also makes the Kaytee a great option for people on a budget.

The Kaytee provides a safe and comfortable running track that is delicate enough for chinchilla feet. For those who would like a bit of variety, the Kaytee Giant also comes in a few different sizes and colors. For the sizes, the Kaytee comes in mini 4.5-inch, regular 6.5-inch, large 10-inch, and giant 12-inch. These are great for people on a budget who don’t need to have a large chinchilla wheel just yet.

Choose this one if: You want a high-quality chinchilla wheel on a budget.

Now you know about the best chinchilla wheels on the market!